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Since 2010,  Revolution Homes has had the privilege to provide families unique, custom built homes throughout the Triangle, NC area.

Enjoy browsing our finished homes.   We look forward to knowing which features will fit your needs and desires.

Hi Mount 2024

Hayes Barton Bungalow

Historic Glenwood Parade Winner

Georgetown Five Points Gem

Belvidere Park 2023

Hi Mount 2023

Shelley 2023

North Hills 2023

Midtown Southern Charm

Nestled in North Hills 2022

Hi Mount 2022

Watch the Sunrise in Five Points

Inwood Landing

Village District 2021

Chestnut Hills 2021

Whitaker Mill 2021

Courtland in Mordecai

Whitaker Mill


Breeders Hill

Mills 2020

Roanoke Park 2020

Modern by the Lake


Dixon 2020

Gunnison Place

Mills St.- Inside the Beltline

Bickett 2019




Old Forge

Coronado 1

Coronado 2

“Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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