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Revolution Homes understands that your home should ultimately be an extension of you.    Let us customize a home designed around you and how you live.

Building a new home is an exciting experience and an investment of your money, energy and time.   Even though   the process is complex, our goal is to make this time as simple as possible for you.  We have developed a process that is uniquely and individually customized to you.

Introduction, Concept and Location

Your home is an extension of you. Revolution Homes takes the time to learn about your lifestyle and discover the best home and floorplan for you.  Part of the Revolution Homes difference is that we really take the time to listen to our customers and focus on their desires, needs, and wants in order to match them with a comfortable, customized, and energy efficient home.

During our concept meetings,  will also determine what type of home you want to build, and learn about your budget.  We offer a flexibility of price ranges in our homes, and therefore we are able to accommodate your custom home building needs throughout Raleigh, Wake County, and the Triangle.

When it comes to your future home site, Revolution Homes is happy to consider any lots that you have identified, or we can help you find the best location for your new home.

Customization and Design

During the customization and design phase,  we add the details that both matter and impact how you live to your floorplan.  Whether it’s modifying a doorway, creating flexible spaces that change as you remain in your home, or it’s the ability to create future accommodations in your home to add family members, we will deliver a solution.

Pre-Construction and Selections

We provide you with a Selections Designer who will coordinate your visit to the design centers. The Designer will work with you and your predetermined budget for your home.  Since this part of the process might begin to feel overwhelming with all of the material and style choices today, our Designer and Team will help simplify these selections and make sure you achieve the desired look and feel for your new home.

This phase will also include a review and understanding of smart home technology options that can be selected and incorporated into your home.


The Creation Phase is a 6-8 month time frame where we build your home.  This phase is what Revolution Homes enjoys the most as a custom builder and it is an exciting time for you too.  The Creation Phase includes over 10 detailed tours and meetings that provide you additional opportunity to review and continue to personalize your home.

The synergy for the entire project is found during this phase.  All of your selections and decisions will come together during this part of the process.

In addition to periodic meetings at your new home, there are key decisions made during the creation and construction phase where we will pause and meet to discuss your input. Once your home is under framing, we will meet to review and discuss the cabinet layouts and trim details; a pre-rough-in tour of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, AV and structural wiring; then landscaping and hardscape.

In addition, if there are any outstanding design selections, we will assist you to finish customizing your home in a timely manner.

“Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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